GIROT T-Bana 2019


När: 2019-06-06. Kl. 10.00

Var: Kungsträdgården


2013 was the year we first set out to explore the possibility to reach all end stations of Stockholms subway. 

This is the 7:th year. During these years we've seen tons of great bikes, we've made many new friends and we are all feeling happy that it was appreciated by so many people. 

But, as with everything else, it comes to an end and we regret to tell you that we have decided to make this year the last official Girot T-Bana. 

Join us now if you never got around to come along, join us for one final run, join us for #lefinale

With that said, here's what you need to know for this last run:

We start rolling at ten (yes, you should probably be there in advance to chit chat for example)

Lunch will be inhaled at about 13.00 by Brommaplan. If you are quick and in the front you will get your Sushi on good time. There are other stuff to eat around Brommaplan as well if japanese food ain't yo thing.

Group photos will be taken at every station. 

Classic things that are nice to bring according to earlier experiences:

-Extra inner tubes (if you know your own good, bring two)
-Tools that suits your bike
-Water bottle
-Banana or energy stuff of your choice 
-Bring an extra jacket or sweater, this is Sweden you know.
-Camera, for nice panoramic pictures. 


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