GIROT Pop-Up Travelplans


The Viking Line Ferry will leave from Stadsgårdskajen Friday 2018-07-13 at 20.00. We all meet up at the latest 18:35. The price right now is 230 euros (2300 SEK) for a cabin + bikes. That means the price per person is 57.5 euros (575 SEK) for the Viking Line Ferry. The price is for a round trip so we will head back to Stockholm on Sunday at 20:55. We meet at Turku Castle at 19:30. We will arrive in Stockholm 06.30 on Monday. 

The price for the cottage is 300 euros (3000 SEK). This price is for 20 people. We hope to fill all spots which would bring the price down per person. The sauna is included if you stay in the cottage. If you are some sort of wildling staying in the woods or just want to stay for the evening, you can still use the Sauna for 3 euros (30 SEK).

When final costs are all calculated we will send you a mail with the final price for you and payment info. 

Please read the BIG notice below as we need to calculate and plan the costs.


Important to understand when registering:

- I understand that I can't back out once I register my name and need to stick by the choices I've made below (so be very sure)

- I understand that the prices are subject to change and if less people attend, some prices will be higher per person