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Back for a comeback in 2024

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What, when & where?

Girot used to be an annual bike journey taking us the end stations of the Stockholm subway lines. It went on from 2013-2019 when we took a break. In 2024 we felt like reviving it a bit and see how it goes. The trip is about 100km and we usually stop at every station for some photo ops. We roll at 10 in the morning from the statue in Kungsträdgården on the 6:th of june (Swedish national day). Come a bit earlier and chat away with all your peers before (and maybe pick up a sticker).

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What about them nice drinks and foods?

Well, if you are referring to the Sushi, then yes. We will eat lunch as usual at Brommaplan. If this is about the Girot beer and sausages then you are asking the right questions again. There will be hot dogs and beers after the ride, BUT the preorder swish is closed so no guarantees that there is enough or at same price as preorder.

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I want to join somewhere else than the start!

No problem friend. Track us down right here once the ride starts!